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Hi all
Computer setup :
AMD Athlon 1.3Ghz, 256Mb PC100 SDRAM, Asus A7V133-C mainboard, Geforce 2 MX, SB Live!, Hitachi DVD, Mitsumi CD-RW, Maxtor 10GB HDD, Maxtor DiamondMax D540X 40GB HDD, running Windows XP Pro (installed on 10GB drive)

I recently installed the 40GB drive, and formatted it (FAT32) using XP's disk management utility. However, though the drive is supposedly 40GB, XP reports it to be only 31.4GB. Is this normal? I know the FAT takes up some space so that you never get the full capacity, but 9GB???! Help! Please!
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  1. It's not a Maxtor issue. It's the OS and it's by design. You can only partition 32GB with Fat32 because they want you to use NTFS.

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    <pre>In Windows XP, you can format a FAT32 volume up to 32 GB only.</pre><p><font color=red>People and hard drives are like bandwagon fans and sports!</font color=red>
  2. WHA?
    i had my 40 gig maxtor set up with a 3 gig partition, and a 37 gig partition. ( i know that translates to less in partition, but that is the ratio it was split).
    anyhoot, windowsxp detected the drive above 32gigs in fat32. HOWEVER, i didnt reformat that partition with windowsxp, because there was data on there.
    (oh yea, and later on, i realized that windowsxp taking up more than a gig was a problem, so i decided to go against my belief until that moment, and i repartitioned to a 10/30 split.

    but windows xp worked fine with my 37gig partitioned drive.
    maybe it is because it was already partitioned, and formatted..
    but i dont know.


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  3. You can partition and format with another OS (Windows 98, 98SE, Millennium) to get a full FAT32 partition, but you can't create one within Windows 2000 or XP.
  4. Your best bet when partitioning a drive is to use something like an older Win98 <A HREF="" target="_new">boot disk</A> (with the latest version of <A HREF=";EN-US;q263044" target="_new">FDISK</A> on the floppy), instead of partitioning with the disk management utility on a Win2K or WinXP operating system CD ... that way, you avoid the 32GB limitation. You can then choose the file system you prefer during the OS installation, and it will format the entire partition without any difficulty. Or you can format with the boot disk, and then install the OS ... but you won't be able to select NTFS with this method. If you want NTFS, after formatting the partition with a boot disk, you'll have to run a <A HREF="" target="_new">conversion</A>.

    But ... since you've already done the partitioning and OS installation, you could install a third-party utility, like <A HREF="" target="_new">Partition Magic 7.0</A>, and then reclaim the missing drive space.

    It's either that, or start over from the beginning.


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