Brand new build, won't turn on, motherboard LED is on however

Hi everyone, I'm really stuck here. Bought new components for my computer. Everything is plugged in, PSU 24 and 4 pins are in the motherboard. PSU is set to the on switch, kettle lead's in fine. All I get is the green LED to turn on on my ASUS F2A85-M LE motherboard. Please help!
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  1. Yes I've checked that, still nothing, no fans either :(
  2. what is your processor? and PSU?

    afaik, for 125W cpu, 8 pin to mobo is a must

    for most 65-77W cpu, 4 pin is okay
  3. make sure you are using standoffs for the motherboard and not screwed directly to the case causing a short
  4. Stand-offs are in
  5. despite the culprit is probably something else....

    that psu is crxp and might have power problem sooner or later

    get this quality psu
    corsair 430/500/600
    or XFX 450/550
    seasonic 450/above
    anything you can afford...l for that amd apu, 400W is enough :)
  6. have you got your power button plugged in the right orientation on your mobo
  7. Just plugged the PSU into another PC, and it was working perfectly. So I think that problem lies elsewhere
  8. kenny3105 said:
    have you got your power button plugged in the right orientation on your mobo
    Yes I have
  9. try removing 1 stick of ram if it works swap ram stick and try again if it fails its a faulty ram stick
  10. I have only one stick of RAM
  11. could be faulty do you have another you can try
  12. I'll try and get my hands on one tomorrow and get back to you guys. Thanks for the help so far :)
  13. Right guys, can't get hands on any RAM thus far, but I try to boot the PC with no APU, RAM or HDD, just the PSU and mobo and all I get is this LED. No beep codes, no fans. Surely, for the mobo to realise the RAM is incompatible, the PSU would have to start up i.e. fans start spinning to detect the other hardware?
  14. Did you manage to fix this? I'm having similar problem
  15. I managed to sort it in the end. There motherboard was Dead on Arrival, so I exchanged it for an ASRock motherboard (which I think is actually better), connected everything, and it's been fine for five months now! The power supply I can't fault, despite it being a cheapo one. Hope you can fix your problem Lemtek!
  16. Moved paragraph 3 to the top, to cut a long story short - my PSU is affected by temperature, it musta been about 4 degrees C in the room I had my PC in, heating it up with a fan heater for 5min would've saved me 2.5 hours of troubleshooting. I tried it as a last resort out of desperation, and because I knew from studying physics that heat affects electromagnetic induction and static electricity, so it wasn't totally mad, but I still found it mad that it worked first time like there never was any power/PSU issue... if anyone says they have an LED blink followed by nothing, ask them the temperature of the room it's in, don't just tell them their PSU is borked, even though it might be, as PSUs do break on occasion. My main point is that temperature in cold places/at cold times of the year should be part of the troubleshooting manual for static/EM induction/twitchy PSUs I hope someone spreads the word in troubleshooting circles for the exact problem I had and saves other people thousands of man hours, even if it is troubleshooting step 11 after the other 10 steps.

    I just spent 2 and a half hours trying to figure out a quick flash from MB and DVD drive LEDs, followed by silence and no second flash even if I tried tapping the power button again, my setup doesn't even have a PSU LED. This is totally irrelevant to your situation and I realise failed motherboards do cause this and have seen such written on other threads regarding new PC builds, but I wanted to share the solution in an active thread, with hopes people will copy/paste it or just remember it for other people who might have the exact same problem I had.

    I tried all the normal troubleshooting, re-housing pieces, checking for shorts/static, CMOS etc. and was stumped as to what the problem was, suspecting PSU failure, this isn't the first time it's happened with the same PSU and it has come back to life eventually, I thought in previous successes that fiddling with the power switch lead on the MB solved it, but despite trying that many times, it failed to resolve the issue this time.
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