New monitor which one

so my monitor screen got cracked today and till i get a new one cant use my computer

which of these 2 would you guys recommend i am coming from an acer monitor and it had bad light bleeding around the edges so i am sure either with be an upgrade but just want to make sure i get the best picture i can for the money :D
i game and watch movies alot

SAMSUNG B350 Series S24B350HL

ASUS VS Series VS247H-P

thank for your help guys:D
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  1. Regarding picture quality, get the Samsung. They generally have very crisp displays with popping colors and good contrast, also minimal bleeding in my experience.

    An Asus monitor would deff be my second choice, however.
  2. Thanks that was the way I was leaning also love their tv image quality and if the monitor is close to that I should be plenty happy:D
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