Random "Power Offs" - Don't know what's going on!

Hello there! I recently made a brand new built system.

Here are the Specs
CPU - AMD BullDozer 6200 @ 3.8Ghz
GPU - AMD XFX Radeon HD 6870
MB - ASRock 970de3/u3s3
SSD - 64gb SanDisk
RAM - 8GB DDR3 Corsair Vengance
CASE - Coolermaster HAF X
PSU - Thermaltake 750w toughpower

The Problem :

The problem is random shut downs, and I don't mean shutdowns where it says "Windows is Shutting Down", I mean - black screen - dead.

The only way it will start again is by turning the PSU off and on again, which it will then boot up fine.

This usually happens when playing games I've noticed. I recently bought FC3, and after about an hour of playing, it happened. I rebooted in, and then after about 15 minutes it happened again! I also play on League of legends, but it's rare that it happens when playing this.

It's not a overheating issue as even on max load my CPU is 30 degrees, and the GPU maxs at about 70-75.

I was wondering if this could either be the motherboard or the PSU, or perhaphs another piece of hardware? Do I not have enough power to power all the components, or is it perhaphs because I have 4 case fans running from one cable?

I hope I've given enough information, and thank you ever so much for reading it! Thank you in advance to whom can give some advice!
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  1. No? :(
  2. your spec is fine

    GPU maxs at about 70-75 it almost reach the limit
  3. So does that mean something is fault?
  4. Sorry I'm still none the wiser. Does this sound like it's the PSU, and if it is, what replacement PSU should I get? Could I afford to get a lower wattage, or perhaps is that the problem?
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