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Primary screen randomly switches with secondary screen

December 8, 2012 3:01:58 PM


I have Sapphire HD7770 card and latest amd display driver as well as CCC. I have the HDMI cable connected from my graphic card to my receiver and from receiver to TV. The problem is that my primary screen randomly switches from monitor to TV.

It is very random, I'm not messing with any configs, could just happen in the middle of the game, web browsing, or even being idle. Doesn't matter if the TV is on or not (because it counts my receiver as 2nd display).

This is very annoying, especially when TV is off, because then I have to turn it on to see all the settings windows to turn it back to monitor. Also, I don't want to keep my TV turned on all the time. If I turn HDMI off it returns back to monitor because then it's the only screen available,but then I can't listen to music.

I've also tried the older versions of CCC and drivers.