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Hello All,

Since a month my GPU (Asus EAH 4890) has been acting kind of strange. When I'm watching a video with VLC or Media Player Classic (both SD and HD), the speed of my GPU fan increases from 27% to ~40%. The temperature goes from 53 oC to +60 oC. This normally only occurs when I'm playing graphic-intense games. The problem also occurs when my PC has been idle for more than 5 minutes. When I pause the video or move the mouse, the speed and temperature drop to normal.

I've did the following:

- Updated GPU drivers
- Replaced CPU cooling fan (This seemed to be the cause at first, but alas)
- Cleaned the case and all fans of dust
- Disabled Graphics OverDrive in the AMD Engine Control Center
- Updated both VLC player and Media Player Classic

I hope I've been thorough enough in describing the problem!
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  1. it might be the thermal paste of your gpu heres a video of how to change it:
  2. Fan also runs kinda irregular when playing high-end games like Far Cry 3.
  3. yeah, well it might be cuz the chip its overheating, you can also set the fan to any speed you want and see the results, use a program like evga precision tool or msi afterburner to do it.
  4. The AMD Engine Control Center has an option to enable manual fan control. If I set it, for example, on 30%, the temperature shoots up to 70 oC after watching 5 minutes of HD video...
  5. yeah of course, if you are going to set it to manual 30 its way to low. for example when you overclock theres people that sets it to 80% so they wont have overheat problems.
  6. Replacing the thermal paste could case problems, since I have this card:

  7. was just a suggestion n.n. you tried setting your fan at a higher speed?
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