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Hi guys,

Just starting to get the parts through for my PC. I have the Fractal Design R4 case and i saw a review video online and they had the front fan at the top, but it comes with the fan defaulted at the bottom, will it matter which way round i have this fan....think i will get another fan at some point, but thought i would see what the temps were like as it is sold.


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  1. it doesnt matter

    you can try mix-match fan combination to balance airflow :)

    input == output

    and slightly let more air from input
  2. Thanks! cant wait for the other parts to turn up and get on with the build, currently have the case, GPU and CPU, hopefully everything else will turn up tomorrow! Will i need to setup fan profiles in the bios?
  3. Just realised something, the DVD drive i have did not come with a sata connection, do you think i will need to buy one, my build is going to be:
  4. wait... no Fractal Design R4 case?
  5. Ohh sorry, everything else is right, but nearly went for the silencio instead of the R4, should be:
  6. great build :D

    btw have you done a deep research for 670 brand? some have great OC potential. some event cant be OCed at all

    i am no expert on 670 :) i heard gigabyte windforce is popular choice. you have to google it anyway
  7. Had a look around, but as the PC is going to be in my lounge i wanted it as quiet as possible. Tomshardware seemed to say this was pretty good, but i really wanted the MSI PE edition, but no one has any in stock, so i went for the ASUS, hopefully should be pretty good though!
  8. I'd try the stock fan setup, see how it goes, and adjust only if necessary.

    Definely have to set fans in the bios. It is loud on default. I set it as low as it would go with a target of 60C. Never hear the CPU spin up, just the GPU.
  9. Looks like a good build. And defiantly go with the stock setup
  10. Thanks all, will see how i go with the stock setting and adjust from there!

    Does anyone know about the sata cable for the dvd writer (I am hoping that the motherboard will come with a few cables for the dvd drive, the SSD and the hard drive)?
  11. Hi again,

    I have now completed the build!! :) I have gone with the stock setup as advised, im not too sure about how i should set up a fan profile - any suggestions?
  12. Is it loud? If so, go into the bios to the h/w monitor tab and set cpu fan to auto, 60c, and level 1. I also tied my rear fan to the cpu 2 header so they spin up together if needed.
  13. Ahh, that is brilliant!! A lot quieter! I can see that you have overclocked your i5, i have been looking around and saw a thread talkng about using intel extreme utility, but when i tried to install this, it said the system wasn't compatible - do i need to do all overclocking in the bios? (How??) Thanks
  14. Yep - in the bios. If you want to keep it simple, dont adjust anything except the multiplier (in my case, to 41).
  15. i am probably being really stupid, but i cant see a multiplier in the bios - would it be load optimized cpu oc setting?
  16. Oc tweaker tab, all core (this is your multiplier)
  17. All sorted now!! Thought i would set to 4.1 as shouldnt need anymore for the time being!!

    Thanks for your help!
  18. Congrats :)
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