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Hi guys I am currently in the process of making a list of components for my first computer build. I have everything figured out except for the SSD. I am looking for a sub-$120 SSD for booting Windows 7 and Syrim along with some mods. It doesn't need to have a ton of space, 120GB or less would be fine. I am seeking some opinions from people who have personal experience with their SSD, not just a list generated by PC part picker or something like that. Any help would be greatly appreciated I know this is a great community of very intelligent people so I completely trust you guys and all opinions and discussion is welcome. Also, would 90GB be sufficient for my needs? I'm not going to be installing a ton of programs on it. How much space should I leave on it for cache?

I have been looking at these:

What would be considered a good read and write speed?
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  1. edit : personally i will go with 128 GB M4 or vertex 4

    not anything below 120GB
  2. Here's what I would recommend as far as SSDs go:

    - OCZ Vector:
    - Corsair Neutron:
    - Samsung 840 Pro:
    - OCZ Vertex 4:
    - Crucial M4:

    I would not purchase an Intel drive or anything based on Sandforce 2.0 for that matter. Also do not go below 120GB as was previously stated - 64GB won't hold much beyond the OS.
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