Crossfire 6950's question..

I am using Asus EVO 990x mobo which switches the PCIE lanes to 8x8x when crossfired.

I was wondering if I need to upgrade to a Sabertooth (duel 16x) in order to get my crossfired HD6950's to work correctly.

It seems like when I crossfire them I am not seeing any performance gains compared to running just one card on 16x.

Im trying to figure out if I should buy a new mobo or a GTX680 (I prefer to spend $400 less to buy the mobo <if It will fix my crossfire issue>

Im running an FX-6100 clocked at 4.2 and both cards are unlocked to 6970...(Iv tried them both at stock as well) and tried processor at stock speed. It makes things worse.


Here is an older post I made with a lot more detailed information..The problem still hasn't been resolved even after upgrading to a 1000W Coolermaster PSU.

Still trying to find the most cost effective way to achieve greatness...If im not mistaken my 6950's should be just as good as a single GTX680 no?
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  1. You are experiencing a bottleneck, (As far as I know atleast)
    I suggest upgrading to an intel CPU, but you might not have the money we think you may have, can you give us a budget?
  2. I really have no budget, as I was looking at dropping 500+ into the GTX680..

    What makes you think the CPU is bottlenecking they system? I figured at 4.2Ghz It should be able to handle most anything I throw at it? But then again I don't know all that much. I was thinking about getting an FX-6200 when I make my next parts order.
  3. i almost replied to this and deleted the post. i have a q9550/775 that produces better performance than anything i have that is amd. your processor can't push the cards the way they need to be pushed to gain performance. 4.2 or not. true, intel will give you more. but if you're not having slow downs, stutter or whatnot i wouldn't worry about. you can't judge performance by how many fps you are getting. the days of quake have long been over. also remember that some games don't scale well to crossfire and if you run games that are cpu sensitive you could try disabling some cores.
  4. How do you judge performance of a gaming rig if not based on FPS?

    So your telling me that if I pick up a sandy bridge i7 and an intel MOBO then it will be the most bang for my buck in this situation? Much more than getting an FX-6200 and a GTX680? Im trying to keep it around 500, but I want to have a smooth running game machine that can achieve high FPS smoothness while gameing...I already have a bad internet connection so I need every advantage I can get lol
  5. so how many of those games require an internet connection ? you said it sucks so no matter what you do it's not going to help. your hardware should be good enough.
  6. The only games I play are online games, but my internet connection doesn't effect my FPS? I should still be getting 80+FPS with this setup no matter if my Latency is 700ms or 10ms? Or am I mistaken? please correct me if im wrong because the more I can learn the better..
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