Updating as we go:

Ok, so, I'm making this thread on here and teksyndicate, so if this gets deleted or marked as innapropriate, here's a link to the one there: http://teksyndicate.com/forum/build-pc/updating-we-go/130698

So my case just arrived. and I bought my 3770k the other day. My case is a Corsair Vengeance C70 White. I'm also getting an ASRock Z77 Extreme4 LGA1155, An EVGA GTX 670, 16gb RAM, A 750W modular psu, a 750gb hdd.. etc. I'll post pictures and updates as I get parts and start building.

first off, some pics of my case and CPU from microcenter and newegg.


my CPU (not alot to see, lol):



I'll update when everything else gets here, all of it should be here today with any luck (they got sent from lexington kentucky early this morning and I live in paint lick kentucky, it's been about 8 hours).

I might post a video of the build as well. can't wait! will update then
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  1. good luck !
  2. Costa rica? Hahaha. Well I couldn't afford a cpu cooler so probably at stock for a while till I can get my hands on a havik 140 :)
  3. Also in regards to OC'ing, whats a good voltage for 4.2ghz on a 3770K?
  4. Ok so. I got it built! after many hours of painstaking work. I'll post pics tmrw. I need helpt tho. i'm installing ubuntu temporarily just long. I got ubuntu dl'd and my usb flash drive plugged in (on a diff desktop ofc). what do I do from here? :/ I got it to boot so everything is working. all the fans are spinning and it booted into bios. I tried just putting the straight up download onto the flash drive and booting from that but I get a message that says something like " Blah blah blah please select boot device or put in boot device reboot and press any key blah" any help?
  5. GOT IT ALL DONE :) Guess ya'll deserver some pics, huh. well here's 3, I'll take more tomorrow and screencaps of Borderlands 2 benchmarks (only game i have on there atm, came with my 670) when i get windows 7 running and drivers installed. no internet atm. So still typing this on crappy old laptop. just after a couple minutes of derping around in linux I already can't stand using this thing. so excited. here's pics:




    i'll post internal pics with the other stuff on friday (my friends coming over and bringing me a spare W7 disc and an ethernet cable)
  6. boots on the table lol
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