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I own a restaurant that is looking at some digital signage solutions. Our web developer thinks that using Chrome in kiosk mode is the best and most flexible way to distribute content. We're going to purchase a 42" 1080p commercial display with hdmi inputs to connect to the master PC running chrome.

What kind of video card do I need to get to make sure that the content form the control PC is displaying properly?
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  1. Well tell us the system. And for such a basic job you dont need a expensive GPU.Something like base line Gt 520 or Hd 5450. Just tell us the system .We need to know the mobo and PSU
  2. thanks prototype. We're going to be purchasing a new PC for this, it isn't going to perform any other functions so the more bareboned the better. All the other computers on our domain run W7 professional if that makes a difference.
  3. Try something like this and attach it to the back of the display: Shuttle XS 3600BA
    It gets even cheaper, if you use linux as the os.
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