ACER Aspire T180 UD44A Video Card Upgrade Recommendation

Hi folks,

Lots of great information on this site. I'm new here and learning more about computers. I saw that this topic had been addressed in another thread, but the posts had not been updated in a long time and the links lead to "Out of Stock" items.

I have an ACER Aspire T180 UD44A that I bought used and very cheap. It has the AMD Athlon 64x2 and has been upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate. Everything works great. The only things I have done is upgrade it to PNY 4GB PC2-6400 RAM (2 x 2G) and added a Rosewill N900PCE Wireless receiver to the PCI Express X1 slot. This computer uses my VISIO 1080P 37" TV for a monitor.

I would like to upgrade the graphics card to one with a HDMI output and am not sure which card to go with. I'm not a gamer and really just want to hook it up to the TV to watch streaming and downloaded HD movies. There are currently 3 more expansion slots available. 2 are PCI and 1 PCI Express X16.

I'm pretty sure that the ACER still has the 250W PSU that originally came with it, as well. From what I see here, I will probably have to upgrade it as well.

Suggestions? I only have about $150 in this computer so far (including the wireless mouse/keyboard, but not the TV), so spending another $50 - $60 seems reasonable.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. AMD Radeon said:

    That looks pretty nice, but more than I wanted to spend...
    I saw it says "64-bit" in the specifications, is that compatible with my 32-bit OS?

    I think I will have to use a low profile video card, too. My wireless card is in the X1 slot... right under the x16 slot.
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