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I have an older pc I built from about 2-3 years ago. I just wiped hard drive re-installed windows to have a fresh start so my wife can use it. Problem is, its just shuts down when it wants to. Sometimes when I hit the power button it just flashes on for a sec then shuts down. My fans have LED lights so thats what I mean by "flashes on". After this it will continue too occasionally flash, even ten to 15 min later it will just flash. I have rebuilt the computer twice after this first occurred and still it continues to do it. I even pulled the PSU and did the ol' paper clip test to see if the psu was bad. PSU is fine. Im at a total loss. Any ideas or suggestions?
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  1. There could be an issue with a "screw loose" (not you, computer....LOL). Check to make sure the mounting screws for everything are in properly (not too tight, but not loose), reseat your cards, RAM, drives, case connections and power connections. Usually when flashing like this, it is an indication of some kind of short or intermittent connection.

    It could also be the power supply not delivering under a load. If you have a spare PSU, try that...it may be bread boarding the PC to look for issues as well...
  2. So I reset all the connections (again). And it appears to have stopped. I did notice however that the graphics card does not appear to fit in the case very well. When I screwed it into the expansion slot it did not seem to line up very well. Probably nothing but all in all its no longer flashing. Thanks for the tips. If it does continue to give me problems I will move onto the power supply.
  3. Sometimes the mother board may not be 100% aligned to the case, as there is a little "wiggle room" between the screw and the holes in the mother board. The case could also be slightly out of plumb (meaning it isn't 100% square).

    When building computers, I put the screws in the mother board, but don't tighten them down to snug. Then I insert the cards to make sure they align correctly (the mobo should move slightly to accommodate the cards) and when all is aligned correctly, I tighten the screws on the mobo to a snug fit.

    Rarely do you have a build that aligns 100% for everything on a perfect fit (if someone out there does - let me send you some money to buy me a lotto ticket....LOL), but it should be close (+/- 1-2 MM).
  4. Lol! Good advice Ronin, many thanks for the tips again. I am new to building and I am pretty passionate about it. Believe me, I put my heart and soul into my baby. Actually the PC that you are helping me troubleshoot is my first pc which I did not build. Either way, I will bear your kind advice in mind when it comes time to make another PC
    My baby ----> http://imgur.com/a/zRFVX
  5. Your build looks really impressive! I am not a gamer (with old age, the reflexes are there...LOL). I have put thousands of computers together - starting in retail in the mid 80's...and still enjoying the building of computers.

    Seeing the boxes lined up, ready to be put together still sends excitement through my veins...
  6. Thanks! I put my heart into building it. So Its been 2 weeks and the PC has been running great (knock on wood). That tip about resetting the GPU in the expansion slot with the MOBO screw loose, that was totally Ninja man.

    Maybe the reflexes are there, maybe they arent... The wisdom is def there. Thanks again!
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