New computer turned off and will not turn back on

I built the computer about two weeks ago and everything went perfectly, but last night I left my computer to finish downloading something. When i woke up the computer was off and it would not turn back on. No fans or nothing will come on. I do not think it is the power supply because the light on my video card are on but i could be wrong. I have not tried anything yet but i have an old power supply I will use. Everything but the video card, hard drive, and dvd rom drive is brand new. What could possibly be wrong.

The specs are:
i5 3570k
8gb g.skill ram
Asus gtx 560 (not TI)
Asrock z77 pro3
600w corsair power supply
If there is anything else that could be helpful let me know.
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  1. Do you have surge protection? I hope that it is the power supply because if it isn't you could be looking at a dead CPU/Motherboard/Both. Disconnect all the non-essentials. (Hard drive, optical drives, and video card (assuming integrated graphics), then try to power it on again. If that fails, use your old PSU and keep the non-essentials unhooked. If that fails then my assumption would be that your CPU fan stopped running during the night and your CPU/motherboard fried as a result.
  2. Yes I have a surge protector. I unhooked everything and tried it and nothing. I also just noticed my old power supply's CPU cord is only a 4-pin so while I am in town tomorrow I will pick up some paperclips and try that test. At least everything is under warranty.
  3. Sounds like the PSU. This is a given, but make sure everything is securely plugged in. Also smell the PSU to see if it has a strange burnt odor.

    If you can test it with a different PSU, I would definitely do it.
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