Saphire Radeon hd 7770 vapor x 1gb ghz edition


i have phenom ii x4 965 be 3.4, rev C3
8gb ram kingston hyperx 1600mhz
Saphire Radeon hd 7770 vapor x 1gb ghz edition
mobo Gigabyte GA-M68MT-S2P v3
resolution : 1360 x 768
hdd : 160gb WD

in far cry 3, with settings in ultra, no AA, v-sync off, HDAO on, i get only 40 fps, is good ?, if i put the AA x2 30 fps,

i can get more fps ?,

i see people videos, running far cry 3 with the same gpu, in 1080p :S

srry my inglish!
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  1. What is your question? Do you want to know how to improve your FPS? If so, you should probably get a better graphics card.
    Do you want to run the game at 1080p? If so, you'll need a monitor with a resolution of 1920x1080, which yours apparently does not have.
  2. no i want to know, if the card is running well, 40 fps its ok ?, in that resolution ? the phenom bottleneck the graphic ?
  3. ok thanks, i buy the card two days ago, i expect a little more perfomance, but i think 40 fps its ok what do u think ?? thanks for the answers !

  4. Your CPU would be close to the 1100T since Far Cry 3 dosen't usejavascript: validform(this); too 6 cores.
    Your GPU would be doing a bit better than the graph since its lower resolution

    40fps is okay but you should try to aim for more 45+ is where i like my fps to be
  5. but what i can do ?, OC ?, or change the settings in game ?.. , in future i can expect a little more performance with drivers update ?
  6. Yes, to all of the above. OCing will get you a couple of FPS, and drivers should as well. Lowering game settings will get you FPS as high as you want. Personally, I always change my settings until I can get a reliable 60+fps.
    To OC, use MSI Afterburner. Raise the clock rate a little at a time, testing to make sure it's stable (no errors at all in MSI Kombustor). Then do the same with the memory clock.
  7. ok thanks , i need buy cooler master 212 plus, i have stock cooler.. thanks for the answers, I can play that's what matters, seeing the reviews, far cry 3 its difficult to run well !
  8. You shouldn't have to overclock your CPU too much, I expect it to do fine at about 3.8 which is pretty reasonable.
    Check if you have the 12.11 driver and if not update them.
    Lowering your settings will give you the biggest fps boost since your GPU is your biggest bottleneck (but at 768p it should be fine).
  9. Oh, I was referring to the GPU, not the CPU.
  10. Op was taking about the 212+ so i was a bit confused =P
  11. Will HD 7750 supported by ga-m68mt-s2p (PCIe 1.1) ?
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