Upgrading graphics on the HP Envy H8-1440

Hi all,

I have a nephew receiving an HP Envy H8-1440 for xmas. He's around 15 and getting into gaming (as most 15 year olds are :) ).

The graphics processor is the Intel HD 2500 integrated chipset into an i5-3330. The mobo is a IPMMB-FM (Fromosa) and has a single PCI-E slot that I can use for an upgraded graphics card.

Anyone have suggestions on a graphics card that will be compatible? I'm willing to go to the $150-$200 range.


[EDIT] Forgot to mention, the PC comes with a stock 300W power supply. I'd like to leave it as is if I can, but if the higher end GPU's require an upgrade I'm willing.
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  1. you will need a power supply with that new graphics card as the stock one wont cut it. you also need to make sure it will fit.
    these should work well together and be in your budget. it will be enough to play mid to high settings on most games, and the size of the card isnt too big and should fit.
  2. i suggest a hd7850 that will play games in ultra in 1080p with great performance.

    and a 300W PSU is low for even midrange cards.
    go for this
    or if u can a more expensive one
  3. 430W will cut it with this rig? Just want to be sure I don't need to bump it up.

    [Edit] Also, just looked the specs on the existing PSU Dimensions: 150mm x 140mm x 86mm (5.9 x 5.5 x 3.4 inches). Right in line with the PSU you've linked to - so I'm lucky there I guess.
  4. the 430w psu will work for the card i listed. the power draw is very low and the psu is stable.
  5. if u CAN spend more it is more than welcome, nothing wrong with getting a PSU with a little more power.
    But still going more than 500W is not useful.
    I just recommemded a decent one
    here is a corsair 500W

    get this and no worries at all. :)
  6. The 12v rail on the CX 430 will run 7850 no problem.
  7. as long as that card can fit in that case......
  8. Ok, so here's what I'm thinking. I'm in Canada, so Canadian NewEgg links:

    XFX HD 7850 (because it's on sale)
    Corsair Builder Series CX430 (as suggested)
    And, throwing in a 24" ASUS monitor to make sure I'm his favorite Uncle

    Look good? Again, biggest concern is whether the CX430 can handle the new GPU within the HP H8-1410 existing rig. From the sounds of things it will do just fine, and fit :). I'm also edging away from the 500W Corsair as this mobo doesn't have a second PCI-E slot -- so no real upgrade path for crossfire on the horizon.

    Let me know if anything looks rediculous above, or if I should splurge the extra $$ for the 500w.
  9. It looks fine, and if that's the case, why not go for the 500w.
    We were suggesting a less expensive option but the 500w will give more headroom for future upgrades and overclocking
  10. they are all compatible and 7850 is a great card and u still CAN OC a little bit but again,
    nothing wrong with getting a PSU with a little more power than u need.
    but still a 430W is still an awesome PSU for a 7850.
    and the 24" monitor is great too!!
    7850 will max anything in 1080p
    and dont forget to get him a decent gamepad too!!
    that would be a complete gift :)
  11. Better check on the dimensions of the 7850 and Make sure it fits in that case. That will be a limiting factor
  12. It should fit easily.
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