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So I built my first PC...

So I did it, all thanks to you guys and a friend who helped me when my hands were to big to plug one wire in.

But I come to you guys again, since I built a new PC I'd like to bring the mouse I've been using with my laptop to my new PC, but here's the deal, it's a Razer Orochi, and it's Bluetooth..... (I know, I know it has a USB cable, but it's so short it'll never suffice) So, if you were me, how would I go about using my Bluetooth mouse on my new PC? and Which adapter so on and so forth should I get?

I5 3570k
Asrock Z77 extreme4

and some other stuff I can't remember, but if you need the info I'd gladly go get it
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  1. Get a cheap USB bluetooth dongle online.
  2. probably just buy the cheapest Bluetooth 3.0 adapter you can find. I can't imagine it'd be more than $10 or so.
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  4. I would recommend a wired mouse. I like to game from time to time and the delay on a BT mouse in my experience was really bad. You may not game but you will likely still notice a delay in response.
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