2013 Upgrade parts.

So with my tax return I'm looking at getting some stuff for my computer to bring it more up-to-date. I'm looking at a new power supply, ram, MB, hard drive, windows 7(finally) and processor(will probably wait on this though).

This is what I'm looking at and right now I'm doing a lot of just gaming along with live streaming items for my friends and guild mates. I would like to stay with AMD since it would allow me to switch from my 965 to a future AM3+ processor since excavator is coming and said to use AM3+.



I like the semi modular design as a way to keep cords to a minimum inside my case. I have Liquid cooling and so I need to contend with tubes also.


I will probably wait on this since I think once when I get the new ram into the machine it will alleviate some of my issues that I'm seeing right now.

The rest of my current system is limited to my use of DDR2 ram and an AM2+ MB from about 4-5 years ago.

Let me know your thoughts but not sure how much I'll change from this.
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  1. Everything looks pretty awesome to me, even from an Intel fan :)
    What GPU are you getting/have you got?
  2. Looks good. As others will probably also say, why not switch to Intel since you need a new platform anyway. You can get the same or better performance for just a little more cash. If you do stay with AMD, I would go with a 2*8 set of memory though, so that you can upgrade to 32GB should you want to run a Ramdisk in the future.
  3. I just recently upgraded from 2 4850's to a single 7950.

    What sparked this was I recently started streaming on twitch and have seen my processor usage go to 90-99% while doing that for WoW and BF3 while killing my performance in those games while my GPU usage is at about 30-40.

    Although while not streaming I can max out those games with the OC that I did to my CPU but I would like to get something that would allow me to Multi-task better between the 3 programs that I'm running to do that. Chrome for checking the stream, xsplit for the streaming and the game running.
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