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Stock fans in a case? 2.5" SDD in here?

Are the three fans included in this case

Or should i buy 3 different ones?
Im on my border of my budget but I suppose i could fit 3 more fans in. Also will the three fans be enough to Overclock? Or should I buy 3 EXTRA fans to go with the 3 in the case?

Also can the case be configured to put a 2.5" SDD in there?

Thanks in advance
~Best Regards, Nick Boutin~
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More about stock fans case here
  1. Those three fans should be sufficient. Dont forget that there will also be fans on your GPU and CPU. Most newer cases are set up for decent air flow.
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    Yes, the fans are included. I suggest trying the stock ones to see how they do and change them only if necessary (or if you don't like blue). As for the SSD, you will need a 3.5-2.5 convertor.
  3. Alright how much would one of those 3.5-2.5 converters be?
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