How much Texture loading is normal for my rig?

I7 980X, GTX 670 PE, 24GB Hyper X ram, Seagate 500 GB 16mb cache HDD, My SSD crapped out on me :pfff:

I am not sure if I got another bad Videocard or I just so happen to have a Faulty Motherboard causing my issues.
I get Texture Loading in all my games not a lot, but enough to bug me, Far Cry 3 has the most. I need help guys Please.
What is normal for my rig I have checked everything I boot up normal don't have crashes, My temps are normal.
I can't figure out if something is wrong with my PC or I am artifacting IDK. I am going crazy as I have looked online at YouTube videos and it isn't clear what artifacting looks like %100. Some Texture loading on Youtube looks like artifacting. I bought a Brand new Corsair 850w TX PSU for my card. should I RMA my videocard and buy a new Mtherboad and new CPU? any advise will help, I am at my wits end here.
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  1. What is your screen resolution?
  2. i8myhippo said:
    What is your screen resolution?

  3. This forum is never helpful thanks for nothing as always.
  4. Try your Rig in a new Monitor.
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