GTX 550 ti 1GB or Radeon 7750 2GB?

These are my only two options, because I have both of them already. I want to know which I should put in. My specs are CyberPowerPC with i7-3770K CPU @ 3.50 GHz. 16 GB of RAM. 64 bit. Windows 8.
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  1. They are nearly the same. I would use that 7750. Less power and heat. And it can oc
  2. prototype18 said:
    They are nearly the same. I would use that 7750. Less power and heat. And it can oc

    Thanks! I also use to see which games I can run. On my old computer with the gtx 550 ti, I always got recommended on most all games but with the 7750 i usually only get the minimum. Do you think this should alter my decision?
    The brand of my GTX 550 ti superclocked is EVGA and the brand of the radeon 7750 is HIS.
  3. Well if it is cyclone yes get it. It will oc like god.

    Edit : Cyri its not really good. With my system it says i cant run BF3 . But i can max it
  4. I Had the radeon 7750 2gb in my system and it was good played all my games better then my previous Geforce GT520....expect GTA IV and Crysis 2 were very laggy and unplayable on max settings. I just purchased the GTX 550 Ti for 109.00 with 20.00 mail in rebate so for 89.00 not a bad price (radeon was 149.00 at best buy). I play every game out now at max settings with frame rates between 25-60 very playable imo. Some examples would be :

    GTX 550Ti / Radeon 7750

    Skyrim - min 27fps avg 44-60fps / Min 16-20 Fps Avg 27 Fps

    Guild Wars 2 - min 20fps avg 33-60fps / Min 16-17 FPS Avg 24-27 Fps

    Star Wars The Old Republic - min of 30 fps Avg 60 Fps / Min 20 fps Avg 30-40 Fps

    Crysis 2 - Min 25 fps Avg 40Fps / Unplayable on Ultra Settings

    Borderlands 2 - Min 24 Fps Avg 40-50fps / Min 16-20Fps Avg 30 Fps

    GTA IV - min 16-17 fps Avg 30fps / Unplayable on Max Settings

    System Specs
    Processor Intel Core 2 Quad Q9950 2.83GHz
    8 GB DDR2 PC6400 800mhz Ram (I know old school and prob Bottle-necking me)
    750GB 7200rpm Harddrive
    460W Power supply
    Creative X-Fi Gamer Edition Sound Card
    PYN GTX 550 Ti 1GB

    Do I want a new System yes! But I couldn't pass up this deal got the Tower, 22" HDMI Monitor, Saitek Cyborg Keyboard, MX518 Gaming Mouse all for 200.00! So for the total of 289.00 Ive got a system that plays everything at max settings smooth enough for my tastes.
  5. Also take into consideration that the 7750 is 128bit as where the GTX is 192 bit All I can say is the GTX550Ti for my system anyways WAY out performed the 7750 with the 3DMARK my 7750 Scored an 1800 and my 550 scored a 2800! HUGE Difference! And my frame rate increased drastically as shown in the reply above!
  6. Sorry keep adding stuff just came to mind. The 7750 did play Black Ops 2 better then my 550, but I think it has something to do with the new drivers, The 7750 played GTA IV OK at medium settings but when I put in the GTX in it couldnt even do that! Updated Drivers and its plays GTA now at max everything smoothly but Black Ops 2 took a hit :/
  7. Thanks for all your input guys! I ended up putting the 550ti with your advice cobraeater and it works much much better then the 7750. Sorry for the extremely late reply.
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