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I have a sony vaio laptop VGN-FZ31E with graphics card NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GT GPU , windows 7 and now after 4 years I have a problem i got red/pink lines all over my laptop. When i check my display adapters on device manager it says that i got Standard VGA Graphics Adapter I uninstalled it and download my graphics card with is nvidia its working until i put videos on and it stuck it shows blue screen and then shut downs and i need to open it on safe mode. I really dont know if you can help me with this problem, but if you can please email me i cant send you some pictures from my laptop so you can identify the problem.
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  1. download hw monitor
    then upload image from it here
  2. temperature of the vga is too high
    also cpu temp is high
    so try cleaning your laptop from dust
    and if u can buy laptop cooler
  3. hey I already have a cooler and I think my laptop is clean from the dust I just have this problem with the red lines. Is there any other solution ?? I also try to format it several times first with vista then windows 7 and then windows 8 finally I installed again windows 7 but it again have the red lines. I tried to uninstall the standard vga graphic card and download the nvidia it works until i put a video then i have a blue screen with error 60! here is a picture of how my screen is look like.
  4. ok
    upload an image from device manager
    display adapters
  5. You think it's clean? Why so? Did you clean it recently?
  6. yes i cleaned it recently ! the problem was already there thats why i cleaned it! but the red lines reamed the same.
  7. I had tried this already. I had tried also to download my driver from Nvidia's website. But as i said earlier after this installation it is working properly until i watch a video then i have a blue screen it shut downs and then I open it again and everything is as it was with red lines.
  8. any other solutions?? :/
  9. Usually, those lines appear from damage caused by overheating. I doubt really you can do anything apart from buying another computer :(.
  10. if i try and buy another graphic card can i open my laptop and change it?
  11. If it was a desktop, you would be able to do that. However, in most laptops, the graphics card is soldered to the motherboard so you would have no way of taking it out.
  12. Thank you anw! I am so disappointed now, I thought there would be a solution, because my laptop never had a heating problem and am 60% sure that this not from over hitting but from something else. All this happen after i had installed some updates and restart it ! i tried to do system restore but it is not working :(
  13. diane3 said:
    any other solutions?? :/


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