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Right, I've bought my GTX 480 secondhand without any driver cd or anything. After figuring out how to get to the pcie slot on the motherboard and supplying the power to the power-thirsty 8-pin+6-pin gpu i tried booting up the PC. When i tried to boot i didn't get any monitor signals and so i went back to the igpu in order to install the NVIDIA driver for the GTX 480. However, it seems that I cannot install any drivers without the gpu being plugged into the computer as it brings up an error message whenever i try and do so. Maybe there is a way to use a gpu by default buried somewhere deep in the BIOS? Seen as this is my first upgrade to a computer any help would be appreciated.
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  1. You should see the gpu priority somewhere in you bios. pci-e has to be the first to recognize the new card. It should start with a generic M$ driver then. If you still dont get any picture, plug the monitor back to the igpu and see if you get a picture there. If yes, goto device manager an see if the new card was recognized at all.
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