Would This Xeon Work?

http://pcpartpicker.com/p/zcwZ i never really used a Xeon before and i heard they only work with a 1333mhz ram so i used that and i'm trying to make a good workbench for a friend and i usually use a i7 but the Xeons are alot cheaper. if it isn't compatible i'd just use a i5 but the Xeon is alot stronger
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  1. id get fx at this budget level

    your build wasnt so compatable in the first place. xeons work in the board, just that for h61 chipset boards, they need a bios update.
  2. so just get a h77? and xeon is equal 2 i7 a fx isn't even at a i5
  3. Since it's on the CPU list, it will work: http://www.asrock.com/mb/overview.asp?cat=CPU&Model=H61M-DGS

    According to Intel, the Xeon E3 1230 v2 supports DDR3 1333/1600.

    An SSD would make that build better.
  4. ToKiiNz said:
    so just get a h77? and xeon is equal 2 i7 a fx isn't even at a i5

    a xeon is the same speed as a i7 3770, just without graphics and will run way cooler.

    a fx is around the same speed as a i7 in workstation tasks, but the advantage is that it can overclock. the disadvantage is that it will run hotter and will use 2x as much power as a xeon. just a heads up.
  5. i think i'll use a xeon to save me some money and i'm getting a gtx 660 so i'll be ok thanks for the help
  6. if you are getting a xeon, id get the asrock h77m motherboard
  7. doesn't support many types of ram
  8. ToKiiNz said:
    doesn't support many types of ram

    Memory support is the same as the H61M-DGS that you originally selected. Both support DDR3 1600MHz modules.
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