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Please tell if this selling on ebay is fraud or not?

I am going to buy second hand no warranty ati radeon 4830 graphics card at 24 dollars from ebay at this link

please tell me if this seller is fraud or not?

as,he is selling a heavy graphics card for only 24$

Thanking you,
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  1. Well its not a fraud . I bought this PC from ebay. But check seller . He is the key. Anw you can lose anything if you buy from.

    You can open dispute with paypal if anything goes wrong
  2. dude its not a pc it is a graphics card
    and how do i check seller?
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    I bought MY PC PARTS on ebay. Look at my sig -.-'

    Right side there is the name and number. Click on the number

    That seller never selled anything so i wouldnt trust him. Check another one . If not buy from him . You will get the moeny back if anything goes wrong (Paypal)
  4. he has 22 stars as a buyer and nothing as seller
  5. I saw it.Read my post again !
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  7. tell me final verdict deal or no deal?
  8. I say get it.

    Edit : Anything goes wrong PM me
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