350 watt+HD 7770 can i use ?

i5 2400 ,dh67cl, 4GB ram, 500 gb HDD. PSU 350 WATT CAN I USE HD 7770 ?
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  1. as long as its a decent brand, yes.
  2. Perhaps you need some more power -- AMD says "500W (or greater) power supply with one 75W 6-pin PCI Express power connector recommended".
  3. If it is actually capable of 350W (e.g. Seasonic, FSP, Antec), then yes. If it's the PSU in a Dell or HP, then it should also be capable (they use small ones, but not junk).
    Otherwise, it's likely to be a 200W PSU with a liar-label on it, and the answer will be "No."
    What brand and model is it?
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