Intel hd 4000?

hey all,
i finally ordered all the parts i need to build pc,
since this is very very budget build i got

case: Thermaltake V3 BlackX Edition 53e
mobo: ASRock H77 Pro4/MVP - Motherboard - ATX - LGA1155 85e
cpu: Intel Core i3 3225 - 3.3 GHz - 2 cores - 4 threads 130e
hdd: Seagate ST31000524AS 3.5 inch Barracuda 1TB GB 7200rpm 68e
psu: antec high current gamer 620w 50e
dvd-rw: samsung 28e
ram: got some old ddr3 1066 lying around 2x2GB gona use for the mean time and upgrade later to 2x4gb 1600 later

as of gpu, i only can afford ~150e at the moment which is no better than gtx650ti, so what im thinking is to leave gpu till better times and stick with what i have at the moment till i can afford better one so i dont have to upgrade it that often.
i do play games but very very casually,
i check eve online couple times a week to put some skills up
i play ~5 hours a week guild wars 2
used to play alot of diablo 3 but not playing for the time being (waiting for better updates)

so by the looks pc with no gpu gona be used pretty much for that and watching movies, music, internet etc etc
ive got dell 24" full hd led monitor
the total cost excluding the monitor, ram and gpu is 414 euro which im pretty happy with, got free delivery from and

my question is:
is it possible to play these games (gw2, d3, eve) on min or mid graphic settings with intel hd 4000?
i guess there should be no problem for movies at full hd 1920x1080?

thank you for your answers!
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  1. Save the money, you should be able to play them.
  2. cool, thank you
    looks that ill be fine for a moment, gonna get good gpu later as i am looking forward to elder scrolls online later when its released
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