How do I use my home wi-fi on my mobile phone?

Hello, I have been looking at the instructions for my new phone online but don't understand the terminology. I have a Vodaphone mobile and Talk Talk broadband at home. There are instructions about sharing but this seems to mean using other devices through my mobile. Also it mentions VPN but I don't know if that is what I want or even what it is.
What do I do to be able to use my home wi-fi on my phone?
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  1. Your phone should have the capability to connect to wireless networks so all you need to know is your network name - also known as the SSID - and the security key. Both are printed on the base of your TalkTalk router.

    To work the other way around - using the phone's 3G capability to put the PC online, you'd need to look for USB Tethering settings on the phone to share its connection.

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