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I have an Abit SH6 motherboard with an Adaptec U160 SCSI that I boot from, and an IDE DVD drive on the on-board IDE. I want to add an ATA100 40G disk for storage of large video files, but want it to be the D: drive so I can still boot off the U160 SCSI. I remember somewhere that in a PC with IDE and SCSI, the IDE take priority and therefore becomes the C: drive. Is that correct, or is there some way to do what I want?
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  1. Actually it would take the priority if you didn't have your boot sequence set in your BIOS for it to boot to SCSI first. As long as you have your 'active' partition set to the SCSI partition (either in fdisk or disk management) then it will always be the C:\ partition. So just make sure your boot sequence is set to boot to SCSI and I don't think you'll have anything to worry about.
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