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This is my case if you have any suggestions on it please feel free to be as mean as you want :P it will get better but you gotta hit the bottom before you hit the top
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  1. To get you started use some electrical or fabric tape on the fan wires and front panel wiring.

    Also rotate the fan on the 212+ so the wire is on the bottom side and perhaps even move the fan into a pull position to better hide that wire.

    Rotate the rear fan so the wire is coming off the fan towards the motherboard, then plug it into the pwr_fan header.

    Slack from the usb wire should be tied down behind the motherboard tray.

    The HD audio cord could come up where the notch above the power supply is.

    And please update your rig info and post up full system specs.

    Look through these threads for ideas on how to improve you cable management:

    Try and find the best parts of every rig in those threads and use the ideas to better your own cable management.
  2. congrats on your build...finally!!!
  3. hey redeemer :D how you been?

    also yeah i will do all of that sooner or later maybe over the weekend school is busy
  4. More links for ye,
    The third one may seem strange but its handy to see the shaping of the blocks, and if you drilled a wire size hole through the tray/panel, you can also rewire the plugs :P rather than cutting a bigger hole for the block to fit through, you only cut enough for the cable to pass through,
    Heres my logged builds, you can see the evolution and 'progress', maybe it can help you identify routing problems/solutions if you see how others have dealt with things,
    And theres links to the Radbox in there too, yes, thats cablemanaged as well :)
  5. WOW! thanks :D i will give those links a look this weekend when i try and get this stuff organized... I dont have any electrical tape but i can do that later as of right now i think just get it zip tied and make it look clean... I also dont have a drill so making a hole in the case will be an issue

    note what about this case? I just wanted to see what you guys think of it
  6. I'll bet someone within fifty feet of your house does have a drill you can borrow though?
    Troopers fine, not my bag aesthetically but its what you want that matters :P
  7. Just what I can see to improve CM, though got nowhere near the credentials of Moto.

    -Remove everything that isnt necassary, I can see a few Molex fan adapters im somewhat sure you dont need and a blue SATA cable.
    - All the excess cables coming off that PSU you dont need, see if you can cram them in that lowermost drive bay area.
    -The AC'97 audio cable, see if you can tuck that behind the PSU.
    -Turn the heatsink and rear case fan so that the cable is coming out as close as possible to its header. Use the bulk of the heatsink to hide the excess cable.
    -The front I/O wires, braid them together so they form one solid cable instead of multiple small wires.
    -The PCI bracket USB3(?) you have, run the cable so its held back by the graphics card.

    Also cable management behind the mobo tray, dont expect it to ever look neat. I'v tried and failed.
  8. **dont expect it to ever look neat. I'v tried and failed**
    Try harder :)

    Everything is possible, given sufficient motivation and thought,
    but sterling advice given mate, you are well on the path to cable enlightenment yourself
  9. Thats cheating, you just put a panel over them :P

    Wouldn't that be pretty annoying though, having to unscrew the case panel, then unscrew another panel to get at your cables?
  10. Made the panel, its modding not cheating :P
    and no, I thought out my cables prior to buying anything so I don't need to get at them, even if I add a drive, the plugs are there already
  11. ok yeah i will try to get some work done into it tommarow, ill get you a pic when i can and thanks for the help so far :D

    note the stryker looks cool do you think it would go with a z77-extreme6 motherboard?
  12. Aesthetics are very personal, what I think looks just right may not look nice to you at all, I like the strykers looks, white stryker looks nice against the dark look of the mobo to my eyes but what do you like?
  13. well i love the contrast of black and white its a my favorite colors to pair together(besides red and black those are my favorite but white and black come close) so yeah i like the look of it, just does the stryker have 2 120mm fan options on the screen panel?
  14. I can see two 120's in their gallery pic, so I reckon thats a yes :)
  15. well sure thats the front fans but i meant on the window... though i dont know how much it is needed
  16. Have you done any work on those cables yet? Don't make me look like a fool for asking these folks to help you if you weren't gonna take their advice.

    Trust me having a nice clean build on the inside regardless of if you can see it is a good feeling. The work is worth it, in the end you'll be a better builder and won't have near is much work to do on your next build since you can do it all correctly the first time through.
  17. yeah im working on it right now i have a lot of work to do with my school, also yeah i know i will get cracking faster
  18. I'm not worried about speed, I just don't want the suggestions to go ignored. Wait until you have at least two hours (more if possible so you don't end up taking short cuts) of free time to put into fixing the cabling.

    I look forward to seeing the results.
  19. Yeah me too :D i will start tonight i need tk go get some tools to change arojnd the fans
  20. OK well i finally did it and i'm pretty happy for the time being... I dont think i will do anything(unless you suggest something) really until i get the new case this one just has like 1/3 inch space behind so the back panel barely went on and it overall is just a bad looking case in my opinion...

    anyways here is a before and after shots i took(one of them is kinda blurry so sorry about that) tell me what you think

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    thanks for the suggestions :D I removed the tray because of that picture
  21. Much better!
  22. :D yay
  23. Well not perfect but a definite improvement, when you get that new case I expect something even better since you'll be starting from scratch.
  24. yeah exactly... the back barely went on and I mean i tried to hide teh cords but i see what you mean... it may be a little while before i get that case but I think this may make a decent thing to look at instead of JUST cables.
  25. im thinking with the new case i can thread all of the cords that are possible together into one threading hole and tap them all together to make it look like one giant wire so its not as messy
  26. With the longer cables, find a pretty scenic route for them to take around the back that doesn't cross other cables, this takes up the slack in them and means you don't have to bunch like you described,
    Heres some rarely seen pics of the back of my mobo tray, underneath that awesome panel of sin hiding :P

    Notice how the 20+4pin cable is desheathed? this allows it to be pressed flatter in tight sections, it also goes on a merry route around to use up the length before it gets fed through the other side,
    I also drill two 4mm holes wherever I want a cable tie to hold the wires in place, if you do it inside the mobo perimeter, it won't be seen from the other side, and even if it is outside that line, its just a little piece of black plastic on a black background, invisibubbles :P
    I used a ribbon extender to enable the audio cable to be fed underneath the mobo and fabric taped it so even what is in sight is camouflaged,
    I'm looking forward to your new case, and your newfound Cm knowledge being applied :)
  27. ok thanks i will look inyo what you said when i get my new case(probably in about 4 weeks or so) so rhanls for the advice i see wht you mean... Also what does moto stand for?
  28. Its my name, I sign all my posts in case you hadn't noticed :)
    Another tip I just remembered, the molex plugs on the Tx have those little grips to help you unplug, you can slice those off if they're too wide for a gap
  29. ok i will look into this
  30. Oh c'mon panicman - are you seriously saying that's your best effort with the HAF912? there's a gallery dedicated to the HAF on OCN and all of them have near or if not better management with a generic sleeved/bundled PSU.

    I don't own a HAF case however I've studied alot of cases and they also taught me some tricks with CM'ing and then I met Modo round the forums - that's when I lost it! :P

    w/o PSU

    w/ PSU

    cable tie mounts
    zip ties
    some drilling
    fabric tape
    duct tape maybe

    In all honesty, getting a case should be your number ONE priority if and only if the case can't handle your hardware - this can be due to:
    thermally inefficient case
    can't accommodate your large GPU/mobo/PSU or even your cooler
    doesn't have enough HDD drive trays
    FP I/O panel is obsolete

    save yourself the cash and spend it on the real thing - like that WC'ing project you have ongoing.

    In that mode of rage - I fogot the real reason I had this page up 2 days ago...

    Paint mobo tray/insides with a flat black can of paint of go gunmetal grey or even grey as it'll accent your Asrock mobo. You could add LED's on the lip of the mobo to highlight it when you've finished with the paint and cables.
  31. oh.... yeah i was thinking about painting it, I am done messing with that case I will soon enough(within a month or two) have the money to get THIS case... what do you think?

    I have checked everything that the case supports and its perfect... it can support two 670's sli easy, I may add one ssd and one hdd in the future so i has that covered.... It can support 240mm radiators just fine and i only plan on WC'ing my CPU so 240mm is just fine... and the airflow is great

  32. I'm not a fan of:
    1| The Genesis (a bulky un-aesthetical product from a Japanese maker)
    2| Internally mounted raddage
    3| Getting a case that will easily accommodate a 670

    Say you've been bitten by a viral watercooling bug in the backside :P it's only a matter of time until the rash is visibly going around the forehead and the only way to avert any further infection is to obey its command :D

    ^ I mean you'll want to watercoool your GPU down the line and only cos of a luggy case you'd kick yourself for sticking to a CPU only loop :P
  33. I like Azza's W/c cases, not aesthetically but from a 'playtime with the grinder' point of view,
    Lutfij is bang on, you won't settle for a Cpu only loop, both cards will get wet as soon as you can afford blocks and there will come a day when you need to mount more rads externally
    I dislike internal rads as well hehe,
    Its a nice case but a case doesn't make the build work, YOU DO use your nous to get the best from what you have, its far more satisfying than throwing the latest HW into a big case
  34. ^ that's a double sig for a double bang on point :D :lol:
    speaking of which I just went down to the hardware store - will soon maybe order a dremel+sander off of :) That's the only place where they use a 3 pin plug and also utilize a 240v mains :P

    Angle griders are ok, but I work on detail more than mass mutilation :P

    *thank you modo!
  35. Aah, the true Anglegrinder master can delicately cut out a 20x50mm cableslot neatly and without undue fuss,

    leading to neat 20+4pin housing, I mock their presupplied, sometimes grommeted holes, Pchah!

    More practice must you perform young Lutfij,
    dremel is a good purchase though, I only use the grinder cause I'm hardcore and heavyhanded hehe :P
  36. Reading this thread has seriously shamed me into going back and looking at my case management. Although i attempted to get the best routing i suspect after seeing things here i have work to do :/
  37. Oh, You have no idea hehehe :)
    Check my links for how stupid it can get :P
    I'm happy to help with anything I can though, if you start a thread we can get your cables invisified
  38. Thanks Moto, i may do some upgrades soon so when that happens ill take the whole lot out, start a thread and get it sorted :)
  39. @ Mikerocett - Do post a link via PM to both Modo and I. I'll try and see if I can offer some advice, though Modo is plenty an army for any apocalypse thwarting :D

    @ Modo - you know me mate, I tackle the nits before going for the crocs teeth :P
  40. Many thanks, i'll do just that.
  41. Lutfij-
    I see what you mean, I believe my may want to get water cooling for the GPU's eventually but not for a while I dont really trust myself putting the block on... also why should i not get the genises? I was confused

    Thanks for the replys... I dont really have access to any drilling tools or anything but I many be able to get some in the future

    also I like the look of the genesis and love the size... I'm just wondering if it can fit the kind of rads i want... I heard i can fit a 4x120mm rad on top which may be perfect because if i ever want to WC my Graphics cards i can always add one more 240mm radiator so 1x240 for cpu and 1x240 for graphics(maybe even i can fit 3x240mm(
  42. Where's the proof of that 480 claim?

    Have you done more digging regarding cases or is the Genesis the only silver found in this rock :P ?
  43. okay okay :)

    but thats still an ugly case. I'd go for a 900D anyday now that its released :P
  44. I would too but its 200 more :P just saying i dont have that much dough... 200 is max(more or less)
  45. I would too but its 200 more :P just saying i dont have that much dough... 200 is max(more or less)
  46. Just for giggles, I thought I'd see for myself how dismal your effort was compared to others :P

    :) You asked people to be as mean as possible. If I'd be your big bro, I'd scold you for not utilizing your assets to their full potential :P

    in case you were too busy to find this
  47. :lol: thanks man XD yeah i know its a crap job but i really dont like the case so i can wait until i get my new case to really put in the work :P
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