Is this a good setup? Will it all work together?

Hey guys i would like to know if this is a good second build. I have spent hours specifying on what i want and if it will work.




I have a 500W Dynex PSU already.

It comes out to be at $275.97.

I will buy this Graphics Card eventually.

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  1. If you're buying the 650, you don't need the i3-3225, but the i3-3220, the only difference is the on die gpu, which is the intel hd 4000 in the 3225, and the 2500 in the 3220.

    You should get a dual channel kit :

    You don't need that mobo with that cpu, get a h77 mobo :

    Also in my opinion the price of the 650 non it is too step, the 650 ti is just a bit more :
  2. i was reading that the intell chipsets hd graphics only works with the z77 mobo.

    The ram is 2 4gb faster than a single 8 gb?

    and ill go with you're cpu selection.

    I would also like 4 ram slots.
  3. No, any chipset(designed for ivybridge) has the support for intel graphics and with dvi,hdmi ports(not all of the mobos), the h77m has three ports vga,dvi,hdmi.
    Yes, dual channel ram is faster than single channel.
    For four dimm slots, there's the h77 pro 4 :
  4. There's something about that ram, it's being reported with failures by costumers.
    I rather get the g.skill ares ram.
    Like i said, the 650 2GB is too expensive, the 2GB is useless in such card, get the 650 ti, it's a better card.
    See this :
  5. Ummm... tbh i like the ram with the heat sinks on them lol.

    Could you link me to a good gpu for under 100$
  6. That ram isn't that good, but it's supported by the motherboard.
    But if you want tall heatsinks :
    It has better timings.
  7. Okay so with that ram. it should all work properly. and run majority of games good?
  8. Yes, some with lower detail of course, and depending on the resolution.
    But it will play any game.
  9. Dude thanks lol dident see that anywhere
  10. dudewitbow said:

    Anonymous said:
    Yes, some with lower detail of course, and depending on the resolution.
    But it will play any game.

    Just want to say thanks agian you have pointed me in the right direction
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