Large Problem, gpu causing computer to not startup

Hello, I recently installed a coolermaster 212 evo and another 8 gigs of ram with 3 Blue LED 120 mm fans, now for some odd reason my computer was just starting up and shutting off in about 2 seconds time, fans would start spinning then BOOM it shut off, and every 5 seconds it would start and repeat the process.

My hardware:
6790 1 gig
core i5 2400
10 gigs of ripjaws ram
1 HDD 500 mg 7200 rpm
3 Blue led fans APEVIA CF12SL-UBL 120mm Blue LED Cooling Fan
h61 mobo
and a regular optical drive
My PSU is 520 watts but im not so sure that's enough :fou:

Whats the problem here.. ?
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  1. Well if you tell us the PSU model. But i doubt its the PSU. Try boot with only 1 ram stick on diferent slots
  2. its a corsair 520 80 +
  3. Than try that ram option i stated.
  4. excuse me Antec eco 520 XD
  5. Still the same :lol: Just try that RAM
  6. WOW it did work, so what does this mean I took out the 8 gig but it worked with both without the gpu ?
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    In term of W you are OK. Try doing a bios reset and running memtest over night. Check the ram
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