Problem with new home build?

I just received all m parts for my new build and put it all together, everything is plugged in correctly, I even had my tech friend who has built before help me... when I turn on the power supply the motherboard light comes on but nothing else happens... no fans, no fan led, nothing, just the motherboard light. Any help?
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  1. hello... if everything you have said is true... then it sounds like your case power button is not working or connected properly to your motherboard.
  2. Its likely the button is connected backwards. Try taking a screwdriver and shorting the pins for the button. If it starts that way, its the button.
  3. see if there any fault led on. check the mb bios rev and the cpu you installed. a lot of newer mb need bios update to turn on some times. (x68 and ib cpus.) make sure the mb not shorting out to the mb tray or the cpu heat sink or the mb i/o shield. if you think there a short try bread boarding it outside the case. make sure the 4/8 pin pci power connector plugged in. on the pci power make sure your using the right power cable and not the 6 plus 2 power cable for the video cards.
  4. I probably could've given more information, sorry... the motherboard has one green light that does turn on when I turn the power supply on, and it has two little switches (tpu and cpu or something)
    here's a list of what I got
    cm storm scout 2
    Asus p8z77-v77 pro versions
    Samsung 840 250gb sad
    cm silent 700 pro
    mushkin 2 x 4gb ddr3 1333
    Intel i5 3570k
    Asus DVD burner
    no video card yet

    so my friend thinks is the PSU and say it may be faulty,I'm very disappointed this build wouldn't work... I will definitely try any of the suggestions given... thank you guys
  5. sorry I forgot to mention those switches have a green light that turns works when I use the switches, and one last thing, the PSU fan doesn't even spin when I turn it on so to me (still a novice but just guessing) it sounds like the PSU is the problem. A motherboard short sounds like another one
    and I actually did try bread boarding it before I built it and no fans came on but I disregarded that and thought maybe something wasn't plugged in properly
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    Coolermaster makes very poor quality PSU's. Its usually recommended that you replace them if you have one. They cannot deliver the stated wattage and fail very commonly. Replace it with something from antec, XFX, Corsair, seasonic.

    You only need 500w for this system. Look into a corsair cx500 or cx600.
  7. I bought it with a combo deal on new egg and it has good reviews there... and I will be getting a higher end GPU soon so the 700w will be used
  8. The point i'm making is, the PSU won't produce 700w. Coolermaster has been under scrutiny for faking their 80+ certified labels. They are low quality PSU's known to easily fail. If it craps out it can easily take the rest of your system with it.

    Also, 500w is enough to run any single GPU.
  9. Thank you everybody! I got it working, I updated the BIOS via flashdrive and reconnected all power cables, thank you!
  10. Before you stick any other GPU in there I would recommend you replace the PSU with one from Corsair, Seasonic, XFX, Antec.
  11. Listen to tiny voices if you dont want to spend $$$ after half year or something lol...psu's not expencive so its better not to risk your pricey parts...
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