Black screen?

i put together a new computer. the motherboard ram and processor are new and i know the graphics card and power supply are working. when i turned it on i can see the fans spinning and hear the hard drive but all i get is a black screen. whats wrong with my computer?
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  1. You should list your computer specs! Are you sure you seated the GPU correctly?
  2. gpu: nividia gtx 550 ti

    ram: ddr3 (8 gb)

    cpu: intel pentium DC e5500 2.80GHz 800MH

    motherboard: intel BLKDP45SG atx lga775

    875 watt power supply

    yes i made sure my gpu was in. ive triple checked everything
  3. You have the video cable connected to the GPU not the motherboard right?
  4. on the back edge of the mb do you have the 4 pin white atx power plug connected??
  5. there is not video imput on the motherboard. the cable has to be in the video card. and yes the atx power plug is connected
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