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Windows 7 Professional in XP Mode

I have many old programs created by individual programmers rather than companies. I have been able run some of these programs since the days of DOS even in XP.

Will these programs run in Windows 7 Professional in the XP Mode with Windows 7 Professional being 64 Bit? :??:
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  1. If you are running them successfully in XP means then they also should run on Win 7 XP mode too.

    Almost all the 32 bit programs are running successfully in 64-Bit OS.

    Let's hope for the best and Try them in Windows 7 XP mode.

    If any of your Friends having Windows 7 installed, you can install and check with their system.
  2. Do 16 Bit programs have a chance? I have a couple of those also.

    I don't know anyone with Windows 7.
  3. Sorry Buddy!I have no idea about 16 bit programs.

    If you want to check means, back up all your data, make a clean install of Windows 7 and check yourself!
    No other go!
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    OK, I think I can answer both questions:

    1) I have tested XP mode and it works brilliantly, so any applications that don't run under Win7 should work under XP mode. BUT!! Keep in mind that XP mode does not enable certain features such as 3D acceleration.
    2) 16 bit apps will NOT run natively under Win7 x64. However, you should be able to run them in XP mode since it operates in 32bit.
  5. uuuufffffff dont you have new apps to replace the old ones?
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  7. apache_lives said:
    uuuufffffff dont you have new apps to replace the old ones?

    Some of the programs I use go back almost 20 years. These are not mainstream programs created by a company. They are created by one programmer. I have a few of these. I do not know where these people are. Another company has discontinued the product. Yet, these programs have remained valuable to me.
  8. how do I activate XP mode?
  9. Windows XP Mode runs a virtual Windows XP Professional 32bit environment within Microsoft Virtual PC and publishes an installed application from the Windows XP virtual machine to the Windows 7 desktop. As such all applications which run within Windows XP Professional SP3 32bit will run in XP Mode. 16 bit applications run within an emulator inside 32 bit Windows called Windows on Windows (WoW) similar to how contemporary 32 bit applications run within WoW64 on modern 64 bit Windows.

    Information on Windows XP Mode, Microsoft Virtual PC, and download links for both technologies can be found here:

    Windows Outreach Team
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