Is there such a way where I can connect laptop to PC, and have the laptop\'s har

I would like to have my PC and my laptop have the same info using my PC as the master. What is the best way to achieve this goal?
Should I be using the "Cloud" to do this?
Please advise and thank you.
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  1. Hello MasterJuggler;

    Synching your personal files and data between your PC and laptop (and maybe smartphone) is possible. Most of the time you want your devices synched with the most current data. So if you update a contact's info on your phone you get the new data synched with your PC and laptop.
    But there can be some limitations, mostly based on exactly what data or files you want synched up.

    See if this article helps you get started finding the info you're looking for:
    How to Keep Your Data in Sync Across Platforms and Devices
  2. I'm able to syn my iPhone with my Outlook files.
    What I really need it the ability to work on my laptop having the same files as my PC while I'm traveling and not have to update the PC when I come home. Additionally, I need to have my laptop up to date so I can take it on the road and have all the same files as on my PC at home.
    What do you suggest as the best method to achieving this need?
  3. What type of files?
  4. word, excel, photos, my Outlook, etc. Nothing fancy.

  5. Maybe something like LogMeIn would work for you, enabling you to use the laptop to work on the PC. I'm not sure where the iPhone would fit in though but Android could probably cope.

  6. I think Windows Live Mesh and SkyDrive Cloud storage can do what you want.
    Windows Live Mesh
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