Will a 7850 fit in my case?

I have a HP HPE d8-1234 and was wondering if a 7850 would fit in my case. I don't know how big the card is or anything. And don't worry, I'm upgrading my power supply to run this card.
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  1. Well, it depends on which 7850 you're looking at. Some more common online shops include these kinds of specs. For example the Sapphire Radeon HD 7850 is 8.27"/21 cm long.

    Grab a ruler and find out! :)
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    I think most 7850s would fit since they are not that long and HP cases aren't tiny either. It would however be wiser to get some measurements done before you buy the card and also make sure your PSU is good enough because most HP PCs come with crappy PSUs.
  3. It should work. If not i would get a dremmel and saw away some of the hard drive cadges. Or if there are screws to take them out do that. Or you could also upgrade your case to a mid or a full tower i honestly have no expirience with HP computers
  4. MY friend is sending me a 700w, and I also might be buying a new full tower case and a new mobo that supports xfire. Thanks for the replies!
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