Static discharge shock on headset, computer reacting

I've recently put together my computer, and it's been running great aside from this kink. It's got me concerned with the stability of my build and I'm not even sure where to start trouble shooting. When I walk around or get up from my chair I build up charge, and it seems quick to shock and discharge on my headset. The headset is 5 years old, Steel series 3H, plugged into the jacks right into my motherboard. Er, I forgot to mention that when I get shocked, the system slows down and drops my usb mouse. USb d/c sound plays, mouse stops responding for about 10 seconds, and then it returns to normal.

Any help or opinions are greatly appreciated.
CPU: intel i7 3770k
MB: Asrock z77 extreme4
RAM:8 Gig dual channel DDR3
GPU: GTX 570
Case: Rosewill Thor v2
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  1. OK so the static is built up on YOU and earthing through the pc

    stop wearing clothes made of synthetic fabrics ,
  2. Right, but shouldn't the interior be grounded enough to not malfunction from a shock through my headset? It's very cold and very dry here, so the static buildup is inevitable. If that's the only problem, then I'll feel secure/happy to do things to reduce my own buildup. But, if it shouldn't be reacting at all via a headset, then I still have a problem. I'm also confused on where exactly the headset is shocking me from. There are no exposed wires nor metal.
  3. For the sake of all that is good, stop wearing clothes.
  4. I have had similar problems at times ,and I know there is one item of clothing that causes the problem

    Since I stopped wearing it the problem is gone
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