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Hi everyone so the other day december 5 i built my first computer with windows 7 64 bit. So i turned it on today was working fine and i started up guild wars 2 and it was running fine played for like 10 minutes then i teleported to a high populated place and all of a sudden the screen stated doing weird things and was spazzing then the screen went black and then came back on with the message "display driver nvidia windows kernel mode driver version 306.97 stopped responding" and i was like thats weird so i try to start the game back up and it said i couldn't open the file so i decided to restart my computer and see if that worked but it didn't and said the same thing when i tried to open the game. Then the screen went black and dod the same thing now i was just sitting on the desktop not running a game or anything. This keeps happening every like 15 seconds and sometimes the screen doesn't pop back up it just goes into power save mode. Take into consideration my gpu degrees was only at 29°c. Cam someone help me its getting me really nervous that my gpu went bed in 3 days. The first two days were fine no problems or anything.
Mobo gigabyte ga-77x-up4 th z77 r
Gpu gigabyte gv-n660oc-2gd gtx660 r
Psu thermaltake 700w
Cpu intel core i5 3570k
Ram 4Gx2 corsair cmz8gx3m2a1600c9r
Hd 1tb samsung hd103sj
Cpu cooler hyper 212

If you need more information let me know.
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  1. this is your mother she got a onboard video chipset try to load with that connect to the monitor to see if you have visdeo signal but first remove the gtx 660 from the computer
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