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Only 1 of 3 hard drives recognized by Windows

Just put together my first build earlier today. Overall successful, so far, except for one glaring problem: Windows 7 (which, btw, I'm using for the first time here) is failing to recognize all the SATA drives installed. Under Start/Computer the drive on which Windows is installed shows up as the C drive and the optical drive shows as D, but the other 2 SATA drives are absent.

Those are the only drives that show in BIOS setup as well. However, all 3 drives show under boot options, and all 3 show in Windows Device Manager. While in Device Manager, I clicked the button to "populate" each drive in the futile hope that would help, but no change. So Device Manager acknowledges them, but for some reason Windows doesn't see them as drives to which data can be saved or programs installed. What am I missing?
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    if these are new drives they likely need to be partitioned before you can use them.

    follow this guide to setup new ntfs partitions if you have not already
  2. Ugh, I woke up this morning with this answer waiting in my head. Of course, the additional drives haven't been partitioned or formatted! My brain had already shut down for the night by the time I'd gotten to that point. Thanks for the gentle dope slap!
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