Molex to pci express convertor for gpu

I am planning to cross fire but my psu doesn't have enough pci power cords for the 2 gpu's slots.
I have a pretty descent 12v 1 rail psu..
What I want to know is can I connect these molex to pci express adapers on to power the 2 graphics cards.???

Anyone have experience with them?
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  1. what is the name and model of that psu and the graphic card you want to crossfire ?
  2. since each card need 2 six pins power connector that means you will have to buy 2 of those molex cables to power your second graphic card and that will put a lot of stress on your psu ,you could try it at your own risk .the other way is to sell that psu and get one with 4 pci graphic card power cables to be safe.
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