GTX560m downclocking/underclocking in games

I own a Sager NP8130 laptop. It's been a year now and the performance of it has gradually decreased. I've formatted my computer hoping that it would clear up some of the issues, I've even updated to the latest drivers but nothing seems to help.

One day I noticed this:

Idles around 83C

Is MSI Afterburner correct? If so, why is my card's clock speeds so low?
Would dusting out the laptop solve this issue?
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  1. No, everything looks fine.

    Although idling at 83 is a concern.
  2. It's throttling cause of the temperatures it's hitting 96c :o , 83c idle is a major concern, you have a problem there, either the you'll have plenty of dust in the fan/cooling ventilation, or the gpu is not well placed on the custom cooling of the laptop.
    Did you overclock the card ?
  3. I have in the past, but after a month I reverted it back to stock clocks.
  4. Just asking when you did the screenshots, cause for laptop when gaming it's not hard to hit 90c when overclocked or/and in long periods of time.
    But since you did not, and the gpu idle at 83c, you have to see the interior of the laptop and see about the cooling for the gpu...check also your cpu temperatures.
  5. CPU and GPU cooling are separate on that laptop.
  6. I dusted the laptop but it idles at 50C. Throttling persists.
  7. Idle at 50 is normal. I don't see any throttling from the screen shot you post.
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