Nvidia has stopped responding and has successfully recovered problem

how can i fix this problem,. ? any ideas? i have used memtest but my system is ok. i can play even games on facebook like ninja saga and cityville2. Crossfire ph and War Inc closes when i use them. pls help im a bit noob in fixing a computer.

System specs:
intel core2 quad processor CPU Q8300@ 2.50Ghz.
2.0 Gb ram(kingston)
Nvidia GeForce 9500 gt 1Gb 128 Bit DDR2(bought on summer of 2008)
Asrock G41C-GS motherboard(newly bought)
Seagate 80Gb HDD
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  1. Hello!

    I know nothing; however, I imagine that downloading the most recent drivers for that Nvidia might help.

    Also, since those two are browser games and probably require a good flash player, using a different browser (chrome, safari, firefox) and/or ensuring your flash player is fully updated MIGHT help.

    Here's hoping a moderator notices this post sometime soon.

    Good luck.
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