I cant see my wireless connetions

Well j just bought CLEAR WiFi and un trying to connect to it on my pretty old Windows XP but when I go to network connections all I see is Local Area Connection...there's no WiFi available but my clear router is right next to my desktop & its working on my Mac Ps3 and Phone ...and I can't open my available wireless networks.. someone pls hel :fou: p !
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  1. How is your Win XP PC connected to the Clear router, by an Ethernet cable or does the PC have a wireless card installed?
  2. No its not the WiFi isn't working I can't get to wireless connections PERIOD I go to networksl connections and all I see is local area connection therea no wireless one and the thing about it is its connected to all my other devices and my MAC why won't it connect to my Windows ?
  3. I used to always use cable so I'm swithing to WiFi but I can't pop open ANY networrks in the area but all ly other devices can ..
  4. Yes, but does the old XP machine have a wireless card with the proper drivers installed already -- since you are not on a wired connection?

    All of your other devices have built in wireless, but most older desktops do not unless added.
  5. Okay u figured it out I have to connect the router to my dell from my MAc... Thanks anyway !
  6. I nvm I'm back appearently I have to keep it plugged up
    ? If its connected to my xp it doesn't work on the MAC and if its connected to my MaC it doesn't work on the xp ??? Shouldn't it work all around the house
    ? Please help
  7. And i don't think it has a wireless card
  8. The Mac and PC must have the same ip address and the conflict only allows one to connect at a time. You should be able to allow more address assignment in the Clear configuration page.
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