New to Watercooling, need a few tips.

Hey guys.
I am new to this watercooling thing and i wanted to make a custom loop with red tubing and destilled water, a resevoir witha pump attatched to it, and i want to cool my GPU and CPU with a 2*120mm radiator. I was wondering what type of fittings are the best? the push on, high flows, or the push in with a clam around it or straps.

My PC specs:
CPU: AMD X6 Phenom II 1100T Black edition 3.6. (replacing with a FX 8350)
GPU: Asus GTX 670 DCU II
PSU: Silver Power 500W (i might replace this if it is'nt enough)
RAM: 4x 4gb 1600MHz Corsair Vengeance.
MB: Gigabyte GA-870A-UD3, Socket-AM3+
SSD: Corsair Force 128gb
HDD 1x 300gb Western digital 1x 500gb western digital
Case HAF 912 (is this case big anough, and do i need to do some modding? i have added a 200mm exhaust fan on the top for extra cooling)
And where would you recommend that i put my resevoir?

Thank you in advance :)
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  1. First off, your in the wrong place. You want to be in the water-cooling forum with this kind of question.
    However, the first thing asked of you there will be to read the sticky.
    I suggest you read through it before posting, it will give you a lot of the background knowledge required and will probably answer your question outright.

    But since I know a bit about water-cooling, I can answer your questions.

    The different type of fittings (Compression and Barb) both work exactly the same and are as reliable as each other. Compressions look nicer, but are more expensive. Barbs are cheaper.

    If you want a pump and reservoir as one unit, you have a few options.
    - Get a Laing DDC pump variant and put on a reservoir top.
    - There are a few dual 5.25" bay res options that can accommodate a Laing D5 variant pumps, as well as some non-bay units.
    - Or get something like an XSPC X20 750. Its a dual 5.25" bay reservoir/pump combo, and in the simplest terms its just a pump inside a reservoir.
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