DVI / VGA no signal

I am building my first computer. I know the basics because we have built two in a club I am in at school.

First I'll give you my build: MB-Micro Asus Rampage IV Gene X79 2011 R, VGA-EVGA GTX660TI 2G, CPU-Intel core I7 3820 3.6 G, HD, 1T samsung HD103SJ, PSU- Corsair TX750, SSD-128gb Samsung MZ 7pc128N/AM, Ram-Corsair DDR3 Vengance 8gb (2x4GB), Monitor-Asus VS247H-P LCD, and a Coolmaster Hyper 212 Evo Heatsink.

I had to buy a new HS because the my other one was incompatible with my MB. But with the old one I was able to get to the Rampage menu (I hadn't gotten windows 7 yet, it was a test). Although now I cannot get to the start up screen, I just keep getting "DVI/VGA no signal". I have looked up countless videos and forums and tried reseating everything but nothing works. Also, I am unable get the menu screen when I press the menu button to try and change some settings.

Also, I know the monitor works because I can plug the VGA into my laptop and get the screen to show up. So it has to be something with the desktop. Could something be unplugged or misplaced?

Please if there are any suggestions tell me because I am stumped.
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  1. Hello!

    I know nothing; however, I imagine someone in that computer club of yours does.

    Maybe they know nothing about gaming rigs; but I'm sure someone, a professor or something, could help you out.

    If no one answers this post in the next couple of days, I would go to a comp-sci professor or some tech-wiz in that club.
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