What's different about this 7870?

Well I've ordered everything for my new build except for the GPU. I was going to get this Sapphire 7870, but now, it's discontinued... Just my luck...

So I looked around more at the 7870's and I believe that this 7870 is good also. Are there any differences at all? The only differences I can see is that the 2nd one uses Sapphire's Dual-X cooling solution, while the other one doesn't. But wouldn't that make GPU No.2 be more expensive than GPU No. 1? I'm almost sure that the one that I was going to buy was priced at $249.99, $10 more expensive. And I'm already over budget here, so increasing the $$$ paid for a differenct GPU is not what I really hope for, hence why I picked the 2nd 7870 for less money.

I can't find any reviews on it, other than the one guy complaining about the bad power regulator, anywhere on ze interwebs, so you guys are all I have to go by.

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  1. Anybody?
  2. You can go with this HD 7870, Good, cool card with a good look. If you watch the newegg video below it it stays cool but the only problem is it takes up 3 PCI slots
    220$ after rebate

    Good luck finding a GPU
  3. Are you sure it's that good of a GPU? I haven't hear much great about IceQ's GPU's. And, for the exact same price, I could get the proposed Sapphire 7870 (Which I know is a reliable brand) And I really don't like that piece of the fan sticking out by the PCB. My system is completely Black/Red, so I'd like to keep that to a minimum. Maybe I should just go with the Sapphire 7870?
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    If you can find a Sapphire 7870 for that price, and that's not discontinued then go for it
  5. Thanks. Just wanted to know, because I hardly could find anything on that Sapphire 7870. And I wonder why their #1 7870 was discontinued. AMD Sea Islands (8xxx) aren't coming out for another half a year, so it wouldn't make sense to stop producing (or just selling @ newegg) a great GPU. Odd.
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