Monitor crashes with install of new gpu

I use an AMD powered HP Pavillion desktop pc - with a 2.20 GHz AMD processor (AMD A6-3620 APU, 8.00 GB installed ram, on a 64 bit os. Previously using a NVidia GeForce 9800 gt gpu and had no probs playing my games online, etc. I use 2 32" led panel TV's for my monitor display. I just today installed a new NVidia (made by PNY) GeForce 630 gt gpu, and no when I start any game, whether FarCry 3, EveOnline, etc, my monitors crash due to sudden loss of connectivity causing me to have to reboot the machine to get them back up - I have installed latest directx ver. and NVidia drivers, and am really needing a solution to this issue fast as possible
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  1. The GT 630 isn't for high end gaming..just gonna throw that out there.. especially on 2 screens...
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