SAPPHIRE HD 7850 OC strange hot spot

I have HD 7850 2GB SAPPHIRE version and I'm pretty happy with it, but i noticed that there is a strange spot on the PCB, which is hotter on touch than the other parts even when the card is very cool (around 28-30 degrees)That's the place - . Somebody noticed that? And i want to ask if my temepratures are OK -

Idle - 30-32 degrees
Watching online (flash) videos - 43-44
GTA IV max settings - 52-53
FurMark - 63-64
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  1. Its fine. No problems.
  2. - this is the hot spot from the upper side of the PCB. What is this chip for and why it becomes warm faster than the other parts? (When i turn on the computer it becomes warmer than the other parts almost immediately). Should i be worried about that?
  3. No, you shouldn't be concerned about these little spots that seem hotter.
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