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I finished building my computer this morning. I put my old laptop hard drive in as well as a new 1tb hdd. When I turned it on every thing happened as expected but the wireless keyboard wasn't connecting so I couldnt start a bios, so i turned it back off while I got a wired keyboard. When I turned it on again, it started a system resume from the old hard drive. But I wanted to start it fresh so should I just take the sata cable out of the old hard drive and boot it again? Will it start a new bios?
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  1. It won't start a new bios, that is tied to the motherboard not the hard drive. Be sure the first boot device is the correct drive and then re-install the OS with DVD or usb disk.
  2. Can you tell me what you mean by first boot device? Sorry this is a bit new for me.
  3. In the bios under boot settings you can set the order that the machine uses for boot devices. You have to list the 1TB drive before the laptop drive. I would put the CDROM drive first in the list as well, since you're installing a new OS (assuming you're installing from a CD).

    Often times the Hard disk boot entry is a single item with a sub menu that allows you to order the hard drives.
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